by Seventh Day Breakdown



Recorded at the tail end of one-and-a-half years of songwriting and live performances, "Memorandom" is the first full-length album to be released by Bay Area local rock band, Seventh Day Breakdown. The album is essentially a "Memorandom" to all of the hard work and effort that each of the members have put into the band, as well as a culmination of all the progress they have made together over this time. This album also marks the departure of original member and bassist, Wells Lucas Santo.


released August 21, 2012

All songs written exclusively by Seventh Day Breakdown.
Album recorded, mixed, and mastered in Different Furs Studio, SF, CA.

Studio/Mixing Engineer/ProTools Fairy: Jorge Hernandez
Mastering Engineer: Nic Pope
Album Cover Artist: Angela Chen
Sales Manager: Wells Lucas Santo
Events Manager: Adi Nag

Seventh Day Breakdown is:
Max Sorg - Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars / Lead Vocals
Wells Lucas Santo - Bass Guitar / Backup Vocals
Adi Nag - Drums
Kieren Patel - Melodic Guitar



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Seventh Day Breakdown Cupertino, California

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Track Name: Parting Words
You used to say that all the time in the world was ours
You used to say come life or death, we’ll never part
You used to say these words will never really end
But here we stand today
These words dried up, and nothing left to say

These are my parting words
(Nothing left to say)
These are my parting words
(This is left, and you’re to blame)
Nothing will ever, ever stay the same
So take these parting words,
It’s better off this way.

Whenever I, I think of you,
I remember all of the shit we used to do
All these things I’ll never look back upon
All these words I used to drink--
Forever gone.

All those things I used to do
They were never, never really for you
These parting words, these words I can't forget
All I really have to say is this:
Track Name: Anagram
Do you remember all those days in September when
When you said it would never end?
Do you remember all those words we used to say to each other?
I remember them now and then

I don't really want to hear
What you have to say
No matter what I try to say to you
You just look away

Was it something that I said to you
Or was it something that I did?
Feelings just seem to come and go
But for you they never end

Do you remember all those days in December when
When I said it shouldn't end?
Do you remember all those words you said to me
Cause I certainly remember them

Was it something that I said?
Was it something that I did?
Track Name: Guinevere
Do you see how I feel about you
I know you know, how I love you,
Though you never, you never do acknowledge it
I don’t know if that’s good or not

I must have you sooner or later
Eventually, you will be mine

Dear Guinevere,
Never turn away
Never be afraid of the simple things they say.
Dear Guinevere,
You know I love you so
Darling, I know you do.

I will send my best wishes
To you and anything you choose
Always know (Always know)
How I love you so (I love you so)
And I will be there for you

I’ll always be by your side
If you’ll just be mine
I’m so sick of hiding the truth
Of my love for you

Never turn away
Never be afraid
(I will) Never be afraid
(Will you) Never be afraid
Track Name: Picture Perfect World
You, you're all I see
Every time I'm walking out the door
You, you're all I need
Every day that I've hit the floor
You, you're all I want
Just for now and forever more
You, you're all I know,
And I'll scream these words until it shows

Picturesque world
Revolving around you
See us now
In this picture perfect world

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Track Name: No Regrets
When I was young, I thought I could change the world
As I got older, I found nothing could be done
I realized stranger days were ahead
Too many problems not laid to rest
Too many people I tried to trust

Let the world just shine on
'Cause my time has gone now
Let the world just shine on
You'll move on somehow
All I ever really wanted was
Something more than this
Let the world just shine on
'Cause I'll live with no regrets

So many people have come and gone
Forgotten phrases now said and done
For what it's worth, every hour meant so much
Let my demons out and they got to me
Now I'm stuck writing this old story
Track Name: Gullible
Every minute of every hour
My blood is out of time
Everything just feels so nice
The world is simply fine

There is so much left to say that I haven't said before
There is so much left to say
But then there's simply more

And I could never feel so down
I have never felt so wrong
My hands are bleeding, but you just shrug
Living life on a lie

Take it if you want to
Break it if you want to
I've already tried

And I could never be so wrong
I have never felt so down
My hands are bleeding, and you just shrug
Living life on a lie
Track Name: Arcadia
And I don't know, just where you are
A million miles away just seems so far
You always tried, to push me away
But I never tried to feel the same
The air doesn't taste as sweet as it did
And the water doesn't taste as fresh as it did

I hope its good where you are,

I hope its good where you are
A million miles away, in Arcadia...
Track Name: Punching Walls
Oh, what a disaster
I built a bridge and I burned it too
I keep writing these letters
To get me close to you

Never thought the better
Of a hallow mind and a broken heart
I walked away so patiently
But inside I was torn apart

Who am I to decide?
The outcomes of life

For weeks I waited for you
Lost sleep, and the hours were few
Days were blurred, thoughts didn't make sense
And nights were just the same...

You never said a word to me
Every day was filled with pain
You didn't write those letters
So why would you care?

I feel like I've died inside
I'll give you yours, if you give me mine
She keeps me screaming inside
I'll never feel again

Never feel again...
Track Name: Impulse
I'm on my way to somewhere I don't know at all
I can't escape my impulse; it's my weakened resolve
Tell me I'm safe; tell me I'm not alone
I'm not insane; I'm just fighting on my own.

My impulse leads to action
My actions cause regrets
Memories keep falling away
Scars I'll never forget.

Times I wish I could forgive myself for everything I did
The wrongs that I have done to you makes it harder to live
Don't treat me this way, don't shut the door.
Don't push me away, but please don't say anymore.
Track Name: Denouement
Come on and take my hand
You shouldn't be afraid
Of the things I do
Or the things they say

We can run away from here
And leave it all behind
A place just for us
A place they'll never find

I can never be
Who they wanted me to
But I don't care
Cause I did it for you

Come on and raise your hands
Up in to the sky
Forgetting what we have
So we can show them why

We can show them why...